The Sandbox vs. Decentraland

13 Oct 2022

Finding a metaverse where you get to immerse yourself and enjoy the experience is very exciting, and the Sandbox vs. Decentraland metaverses are a prime example. These are some of the top decentralized (or at least, aiming to be) metaverses.

What is The Sandbox Metaverse?

The Sandbox is a massive virtual world where people get to explore, buy their own plots of land, complete all kinds of quests and immerse themselves into the experience. You also have numerous tools available that can help you build casinos, concerts, galleries, games and pretty much anything you want. The control you have over these things is unparalleled, and it goes to show the uniqueness of the world.

At its core, Sandbox is a browser based platform that offers you the tools to create many amazing 3D assets. Then you can tokenize them in the form of NFTs. You can trade them without any issue, and you will find yourself quite amazed with the numerous features provided here. The Sandbox has a flexible voxel based engine. With this engine you are able to mint voxel creations as NFTs, and these can be vehicles, weapons, animals, plants and more. It’s a very nifty and cool concept, one that you will find to be enjoyable and very immersive.

The Sandbox also has an avatar creation tool.

What is Decentraland?

Decentraland is the older of the two metaverses. The project started in 2017 and it’s made to be a very immersive and powerful metaverse which is fully 3D. Here any player is able to purchase land and also explore a massive world.

On top of that, you can easily use the MANA coin they provide in order to get various LAND tokens. The coin can also be used to pay for wearables, avatars and all kinds of items.

Sandbox vs. Decentraland Token price

Generally, the Sandbox vs. Decentraland comparison will show that at least when it comes to tokens, their prices are $0.7 for Decentraland and $0.8 for The Sandbox (as of the writing of this article). So yes, this further shows that both projects are actually very similar to each other, yet they are constantly evolving. These prices are valid at the time of this writing. But due to the nature of each project, prices fluctuate quite a bit. Yet it does show that both projects maintain a very similar nature and thus their prices are quite similar to each other.

Land price in The Sandbox and Decentraland

Land in both Sandbox and Decentraland can be quite expensive. The cheapest land plots in Decentraland are actually 3.7 ETH. That’s subject to change, due to the ever-evolving nature of this process. The Sandbox has a similar thing, their prices are usually 2 ETH, sometimes a bit more or less. Simply put, buying land in these unique environments is definitely quite interesting but it does have its fair share of challenges too.

You get to enter a massive metaverse in both situations, and buying land does open up a plethora of unique possibilities.

Graphics/game content and partnerships

Both Sandbox vs. Decentraland are going on to create various partnerships. They are focused on launching on consoles, mainly PS5 and Xbox as well. On top of that, they are looking to make the world a lot more immersive, with Sandbox actually thinking about adding things like in-game jobs. That’s a cool idea and a very interesting concept that will definitely attract a lot of people.

Decentraland has a visual style focused on a combination of cartoony and realistic elements. It’s very similar to Roblox, which does make it quite impressive and engaging at the same time. They are constantly working on a variety of graphic elements and it certainly shows the clarity and uniqueness of the entire world and creativity involved here.

The Sandbox on the other hand does a very good job at maintaining a voxel based graphics style. It’s similar to Trove and Minecraft, which is great because a lot of people are excited about this type of projects. The innovation here is incredible and it shows just how creative and impressive a world like this can actually be.

Sandbox vs. Decentraland: Main Differences

Decentraland has around 90601 parcels of land. These are grouped into plazas, districts, estates and individual parcels. Sandbox has 166464 land plots and you can group them into districts or estates.

When it comes to Decentraland, you have MANA, WEAR and LAND Tokens. In the Sandbox you have 4 tokens, LAND, ASSETS, GAMES and SAND, with the latter one being the currency you can easily buy and sell. Each one has its own objective in the specific metaverse.

Decentraland is backed by the Digital Currency Group, CoinFund and FBG Capital.

Softbank is the largest backer for The Sandbox.

You don’t need a wallet to explore Decentraland, but you need one if you want to earn anything or to acquire NFTs. You do need a wallet for Sandbox, and there are 3 wallets supported by them.

There are also specific fees here too. For Decentraland, you have a 2.5% MANA cost, and this applies to all transactions. The Sandbox actually has a 5% fee applied to most transactions. And aside from that, both metaverses have their own transaction gas fee. Fees are subject to change, so please DYOR before making any investments.


In the Sandbox vs. Decentraland debate, which is the better option? It mostly depends on what you want and what you are interested in. We can safely say that both of them are great metaverses and they are constantly evolving. The fees can be quite high, which is a challenge. The Sandbox comes with better graphics, it’s also newer, and it has a detailed roadmap. However, Decentraland strives to be more complex. Both of them are great, it mostly depends on what you are interested in, and there’s something to like in both metaverses.